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QuickBooks accounting software is available for all the users, and you can purchase the QuickBooks accounting software any time with the help of QuickBooks online service providers. QuickBooks is available with a license which has some validity, and after that, it expires. So you have to buy the extension of the license of your QuickBooks accounting software. If you have the knowledge from where you can purchase the extension of the license, then you must have heard about the QuickBooks bill pay service. It is a different department at the QuickBooks online support service which helps the customers in their QuickBooks bill pay. If you don’t have any idea about the QuickBooks bill pay service and what is the purpose of having a QuickBooks bill pay service, then you can search online for the work and service of that department. QuickBooks license is available for a limited time in which you have the right to use all the features of QuickBooks accounting software. But if your license expires and you have not purchased the extension, then you may face some problem in using the QuickBooks software. If you continue to use the unlicensed version, then you will not be able to access all the features of QuickBooks accounting software. So it is compulsory to use the licensed version and to update it regularly. If you purchase the extension of your QuickBooks software license, then you will not face any problem in using the features of the QuickBooks software. The QuickBooks license can be renewed quickly just by paying the bill of your QuickBooks software. The bill payment can be made with the help of the QuickBooks bill pay service which is available at all the QuickBooks support services online. You just have to contact one of the QuickBooks online support service providers to use the QuickBooks bill pay service.